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Hi all and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary for patch 7.10!

This is a pretty huge patch which introduces many greatly anticipated game changes and champion buffs and nerfs, as well as one whole skin (!!!). Also this patch brings upon the death of the single best game mode to date and Riot's bringing in the ol' Ascension back instead. A worthy trade.

As always, please check out the full patch notes for the full list of changes.

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Champion Changes


! = Rework / Gameplay Update* = Bugfixes or Display Changes+ = Buff- = Nerf~ = Mixed Changes

Lee Sin

! The two biggest changes when it comes to the champions go to Heimerdinger and Rammus. Rammus is now even faster. His Q Powerball is now a channeled effect, meaning that from the beginning to the end he will gain momentum and reach up to 235% increased movement speed. On impact, it does less damage than before but slows more (up to 80% at rank 5). Defensive Ball Curl has a lower CD and doesn't grant flat resistances like before. Instead, you will gain 20 flat armour and MR and then 50-70% based on your total resistances. His E Frenzying Taunt now grants Rammus up to 40% attack speed. His ultimate Tremors's damage has decreased, but it now does double damage to structures. Overall Rammus has gotten heavily buffed.

! Heimerdinger can now stack up to 3 H-28G Evolution Turrets at all ranks and a new stack will emerge faster than before. His ultimate's got a higher AP scaling and base damage on his E and the E itself also receieved a buff as its radius is now increased and the CD lowered.

~ There are a lot of other champion changes in this patch. Rakan and Fizz have recieved a mixed of buffs and nerfs. Rakan's E Battle Dance is weaker now, but he has receieved a Q Gleaming Quill range buff and damage on his W Grand Entrance. Fizz's W Seastone Trident is the only ability that's been changed; the base damage is down but the AP scaling is up.

- Arguably the biggest nerf was given to Sejuani. Her passive is basically rip. Instead of granting 100 armour and MR at all levels, it now grants 20/60/100 at levels 1/7/14. Graves has also receieved a bad one, with his Q base damage getting nerfed and his ultimate's CD going up at earlier ranks. The Swag Daddy's movement speed has slightly gone down and the cost of his passive has gone up and it'll be a lot harder/riskier for him to invade now. The long anticipated nerf on Lulu has arrived as well with her shield being weaker now and her base health getting decreased .

+ But let's end on a happy note! Zac and Udyr have receieved buffs. Riot was especially kind to Udyr these past couple of patches and have now blessed him with lower mana costs. Zac's knock-up Elastic Slingshot now can last up to 1 second depending on the charge time. His Q Stretching Strike has gotten changes aiming to increase the damage on it overall.

Item Changes

Ancient Coin Line Cannon minion always drops coin now. The bonus skill point now behaves as if you’re one level higher than you actually are. Nomad's Medallion, Talisman of Ascension, and Eye of the Oasis got a small base health regen buff.

Relic Shield Line Face of the Mountain and Eye of the Equinox grant melee champions 150 bonus attack range and slightly increased AS against minions that can be executed by Spoils of War.

Spellthief's Line Killing a minion now PAUSES Tribute stack generation for 6 seconds per minion slain. This means that you can still use the stacks you may have stored up, but do not generate new ones until the 6 second disable is over.

Spirit Visage Some extra health, but less magic resist, and HALF of the base health regen (from +200 to +100).

Changes for Other Game Modes

Misc Changes

  • Pulsefire Ezreal Update; Updated VO, animations, textures etc. More about his update.

  • "Your Shop" is back on the Client starting 5/18/17 at 12:00 PT until 6/6/17 at 23:59 PT

  • Ping Muting. Finally riot have added a way to stop the harassment from annoying players spamming ???, and have added a ping mute. You can still mute chat, champion emotes and mastery emotes using the normal Mute function.

Upcoming Skin & Chromas

Brolaf Chroma (290 RP for one)

Headhunter Rengar (290 RP for one)

Share Your Thoughts! ♥

Huge patch again with loads of changes, what do you guys think of them? Are you going to be picking up the new ultimate skin? Are you happy about the millions of nerfs?

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