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Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 6.18!

Welcome to the 2016 World Championship patch - the one that'll be played by the most competitive teams around the world as they go head-to-head this October. Many of the changes this patch are small tuning nerfs to tone down some of the most dominant champions and items in preparation for the highest level of international competition. There are also a handful of buffs for some of the less-played champions like Nocturne!

Note that while Yorick's abilities and visuals were reworked this patch, he will be disabled for the duration of the World Championships, so you won't see any pro players using the new Yorick at the upcoming tournament.

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

Champion Updates

quick access for concerned players

Aurelion Sol
Lee Sin
Miss Fortune


! = Rework / Gameplay Update* = Mostly bugfix(es) and/or display changes+ = Buff- = Nerf~ = Mixed

The biggest change this patch is undoubtedly the Yorick rework. If you're unfamiliar with the changes, check out the champion update page to see the details on his new kit. Yorick looks like a beefy frontliner with an emphasis on split pushing and constant tower pressure. His ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, allows him to pressure a lane without being present since his Maiden of the Mist can work independently from the Shepherd of Souls.

Several staple top laners were hit with a series of nerfs designed to diversify the top lane pool before World's. Gnar had his Hyper damage reverted to 6.13 levels and his mobility took a blow with an increased cooldown on Hop. Shen lost both durability and damage with nerfs to his Ki Barrier and Twilight Assault. Ekko lost some base AD with another nerf directed at his tankier builds, especially the current Trinity Force power spike. Yasuo was nerfed on three fronts, with one nerf to his base attack speed scaling (though it's a bit higher early on), a bug fix stopping him from getting an extra autoattack off during Last Breath, and a direct nerf to his ultimate, making the armor penetration only apply to critical strikes. That last nerf targets the tankier Yasuo builds which don't prioritize early critical strike chance.

Rek'Sai, Taliyah and Vladimir were also targeted for nerfs, as they are some of the strongest picks in competitive play before this patch. Rek'Sai lost some base armor, Taliyah's waveclear and Unraveled Earth damage were reduced and Vladimir's base HP, Transfusion healing and Tides of Blood cooldown were all nerfed. At higher ranks, Tides of Blood deals less bonus damage, but also costs less HP.

Item Changes

Frozen Mallet
Frozen Mallet had both a recipe change and a stat change. The new recipe is Jaurim's Fist + Giant's Belt + 900 gold (total cost unchanged). Attack damage was lowered from 40 to 30 and health was raised from 650 to 700. This is a retune of the item to be more defensive in nature and less offensively punishing in terms of damage output.

Relic Shield
Relic Shield's change was much smaller with a reduction on the Spoils of War healing from 20 to 15. This nerf is designed to make melee supports (and their Marksman lane partners) more vulnerable to being poked out of lane, which should be their weakness in the early game.

High Elo Decay Changes

  • Deposit Accounts - Players can play to store up to 10 banked games of decay immunity

  • Maintenance Fees - Each day, 1 banked game is removed from player reserves

  • Inactivity Penalties - Starting when the number of banked games first reaches 0, players incur 100 points of LP decay per day until they bank additional games of decay immunity

  • Access Your Statements Online - Banked games are tracked on the Leagues tab

  • Members Only - Decay rules in other tiers are unchanged

Notable Misc. Changes / Fixes

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 6.18:

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! What are your thoughts on the new Yorick rework and other champion changes this patch? Do you agree with the changes to high elo ranked decay? Will you be picking up any of the new food-themed skins or Championship Zed ?

Let us know in the comments below!

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