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Catch a glimpse of what's happening during the Star Guardian: New Horizon event, including new skins, a game mode, and more!

Light a New Horizon

A mysterious new team of Star Guardians is here to challenge their destiny. Watch the animated trailer, complete missions in Invasion, the new PvE game mode, craft rewards, and more from 9/7/17 – 9/25/17.

Play Invasion

Band together in a five-player PvE game mode to defend the Starlight. Earn Starlight Tokens and icons from completed missions on this custom map, as well as temporary Star Guardian-skinned Mastery emotes. All Star Guardian skins are free to play in the Invasion game mode.

Check out our Star Guardian Event & Invasion Guide for details on missions, loot and rewards as well as tips on mastering the new game mode!

Five new warriors join the Star Guardian universe this year. Are you a charismatic captain like Ahri, a formidable force like Syndra, or somewhere in between?

Craft Rewards

Transform Starlight Tokens into the event-exclusive New Horizon Ward and a Hextech Mystery Champion (random Champion Permanent).

Discover What's in Store

Unlock new bundles, icons, wards, and skins. During the event, purchase a New Horizon Set or any First Star Edition bundle and receive an exclusive loading screen border.

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