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Source by Riot Sapmagic

Over the next few patches, we’ll be rolling out some quality-of-life changes to make champ select faster and clearer, including some long-requested updates like sorting by mastery points and adding position filters.

7.19 Changes

Filter by position: Role filters (assassin/tank/mage/fighter/marksman/support) are being replaced with position filters (top/jungle/middle/bottom/support). Filtering by a position will show the most commonly played picks in that position from the previous patch. Every champion will show in at least one position, and new ones will pop up a patch after they're released, since the filter needs a patch of play data to figure out where people are playing the champion.

Add Favorites: Right-click champions to add as a favorite by position. Your favorite champions are marked with a special icon and you can sort by favorites to push them to the top of the grid. You can add a champion to your favorites in a certain position even if they normally wouldn't show up when filtering that position.

Sort by Mastery Points: You can now organize your champion grid in descending order of mastery score. This is a quick and easy way to see which champions you're most experienced on at a glance.

Hextech Chest Filter: See champions you haven't earned a Hextech chest with. This filter only applies to unranked queues.

7.20 Changes

Simultaneous Draft Picks: Two players on the same team can once again pick at the same time when the draft calls for two picks. This should speed up the draft and get you into games a minute or two faster.

Look out for these changes in upcoming patches and let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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