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Crusty Grandpa Gaming Community

Teamspeak Address:
Need Teamspeak?

Welcome to the Crusty Grandpa.
Feel free to hop on the teamspeak and have a chat with us before joining we are always looking for more friends.

We're hoping to make your experience in gaming a fun and memorable one; whether it's just chilling with friends or taking part in one of the many games we all play together. Just remember, while we might act-a-fool sometimes, we like to keep things mature, you will get one warning if you break the rules, repeat offenders will be dealt with. Come on, you gotta be nice right?

So what are you waiting for? Lets get to gaming!

What we have to offer
Here at Crusty Grandpa, we have many things we can offer you: from individual gaming rooms to chill with your mates, take part in some ranked action, have some fun in normals, or try new things in bots. As well as a few weekly events listed below.

We dabble in many games, such as World of Warcraft and various steam games, we even have a steam group set up, but League of Legends is our priority. Grab your buddies, your friends, your frienemies and join us!

Weekly Event Schedule

Sun. - League Customs @ 8 PM EST (in the Community Event’s Channel)
Mon. - Minecraft Mini Games @ 8 PM EST (in the Community Events Channel)
Tue. - Town of Salem @ 8 PM EST (in the Community Event’s Channel)
Wed. - Ultimate Bravery @8 PM EST (in the Community Event’s Channel)
Thur. - Quiplash @ 8 PM EST (in the Community Event’s Channel)
Fri. - Karaoke Night (in the Community Event’s Channel)
Sat. - Tournaments @ 7 PM EST (in Entry Point Channel)

Other Games
You'll find many game rooms, I mean, pshh, what is this thing people call "life" anyways. You can enjoy the many game rooms we already have set up. But if you do not see a game that is in our list, simply make sure you have at least a group of 2 other crusty fools to join your crusade and we can satisfy your blood thirsty needs with your own public game room! You can even get a private room in the castle for a small fee. Just message an admin on teamspeak and things can be arranged.

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great place to make new friends and talk strategy or just find a few people to play ranked

Big Booty Support

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getting together a flex team rank dont matter come join

Big Booty Support

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