Elophant Champion Select Client Beta

If you can't login with the Elophant Client open, BitDefender may be the cause.
Either add an exception to "Active Virus Control" or disable it completely.
Note: Other antivirus programs may also cause problems.
Other steps to take:
  1. Make sure our client is in its own folder on the desktop.
  2. Try running both our client and the LoL Client as the admin (at the same time).
  3. Run the LoL Client in compatibility mode for Windows 7 32 bit.

Instructions for Use

1. Download the Client

Save "ElophantClient.zip" to your hard drive. Chrome may display a "malicious file" warning with the options to "Discard" or "Keep".

Click "Keep".

2. Extract the Zip to a New Folder

Either create a new folder (eg. Elophant Client) or choose an existing one. Extract or drag and drop the files from the zip archive to the destination folder.

Note: Do not place the Elophant Client into a folder that requires elevated privileges (eg. Program Files). Doing so will require clicking "Run as administrator" on every run.

3. Run Once as the Administrator to Install

Open the folder, right click ElophantClient.exe, then click "Run as administrator."
If the Elophant Client is not installed and runs without administrator privileges, a message will appear with instructions to do so.

4. Open the LoL Client, then Open the Elophant Client

When this message appears, the installation process has completed.

Note: After successful installation, the client will not require admin privileges on subsequent launches.
The Elophant Client should look like the image to the left on successful install.

Note: Open the LoL Client before opening the Elophant Client.
If the LoL Client is not open, the message "LoL Client not detected." will appear.

5. Log In to the LoL Client when the Status Bar Updates

When the status bar updates to "LoL Client detected!", log in to the LoL Client.

Note: We never know the username or password used to log in.

6. Join a Ranked or Normal Game on Summoner's Rift

When the status bar updates to "Successfully connected to the LoL Client.", join a blind or draft pick normal, a ranked solo, or a ranked team game.

Note: If the status bar does not update to this final message, the "Team Stats" button will not become enabled.

7. Share the Real-time Team Stats Link with your Teammates

To get your team up to speed and maximize your advantage over the enemy, share the link to the team stats page.
If you still can't login or the team stats button doesn't enable, please make a thread in the Site & Client Support subforum or contact us at [email protected]. We really want to help you make the Elophant Client work.