Elophant Champion Select Client Beta

Automatically Find Out What Your Team Should be Picking in Realtime During Champion Select!

The Elophant Champion Select Client is the best way to figure out what you and your team should be selecting for every ranked match you play. The client tracks in real time who is on your team and pulls their recent history for each lane and champion to help you quickly and easily choose the right team comp. All you need to do is download the client and play!

Statistics for Your Entire Team [+] Sample Data

See the current rating for your teammates including recent wins, recent losses, best roles, tier and league points! Dig deeper to find more detailed statistics about each member of your team!

Recommendations for Each Role [+] Sample Data

Find out who plays each role best, and with what champions so you your team is prepared to dominate every role and lane!

Don't wait till after the game to realize MidorAFK probably should have gone mid!

Insight Into the Enemy Team [+] Sample Data

Get up-to-date stats on your enemies and find out where they are weak and strong right away so you don't go in blind. Find and exploit weaknesses, defend and prepare against strengths. Knowledge is power!

Incredibly Easy to Use

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Step 2

Step 3

Open the Elophant Client, then log in to League. We never know your login details. Click "Open Team Stats" to see bans and stats update real-time on elophant.com Share the link with your team and get a leg up on your opponents, every match!

Your Opponents are Using the Elophant Champion Select Client,
Can You Afford Not To?

Empower your team with the Elophant Champion Select Client. Dominate your enemies and never go into battle blind again! Download now to get started!