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Elophant Becomes Supercharged With New Update

We are happy to release a huge update for Elophant! The update includes:

  • Homepage redesign
  • Champion overview redesign
  • Menu redesign
  • Network menu redesign
  • Search box redesign
  • Search box in menu
  • Back-end optimization

Here is a look at the new champion overview redesign:

Also included in the update is the ability to remove saved skins

What is your favorite part of the update?
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Elophant Updates - 3/27/2014 - Client is Working + More Site Server Support!

There's some very happy updates in this post, so read on!



- The good guys over at Riot patched the LoL Client and 3rd party software is working again! Thank you Riot!

- Server Support for Summoner Pages Expanded!

- Riot has also expanded their API server support! We now support OCE, BR, LAN, and LAS s
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