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Elophant Client Retired

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed if you've frequented the forums or tried to use the client recently, the Elophant client is not compatible with the new League of Legends updated client. We've been unable to update the client for a while but left it up since it still worked on some operating systems on the legacy client. Now that the Elophant client is entirely nonfunctional, it's time to say…
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Patch 7.10 Summary

Hi all and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary for patch 7.10!

This is a pretty huge patch which introduces many greatly anticipated game changes and champion buffs and nerfs, as well as one whole skin (!!!). Also this patch brings upon the death of the single best game mode to date and Riot's bringing in the ol' Ascension back instead. A worthy trade.

As always, please check out the ful
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