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Patch 5.19 Summary

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 5.19!

If you've seen the patch notes for today's patch, you may be wondering why we're bothering to summarize this at all, because there's almost nothing to talk about. That's right, almost. Today, we take a very short look at the incoming champion, item and gameplay changes before showing you the upcoming skins. Let's go!

Champion Upda
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[New Site] OverwatchFire

Can't wait for Blizzard's upcoming action shooter, Overwatch? Neither can we! Join us at OverwatchFire to keep up to date with the latest Overwatch news and strategies.

You can find all available hero info (including skills, lore and videos) in our hero wiki. Plus be sure to like our Facebook and Twitter for updates if you're a social gamer. :)

Beta is coming soon, be ready to jump in this…
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